Asian Bridal Makeup and Hairstyles and Courses

We provide you the best in asian bridal makeup and hair courses, and offer you a larger variety of makeup looks and bridal hairstyles compared to any other asian makeup artist or academy in London or UK. Our courses are carefully designed to teach you the latest makeup looks and hairstyles as well as up and coming trends allowing our students to stay one step ahead of the competition.

You are assured of the best in asian bridal makeup and indian / asian hairstyles as the before and after look can be clearly seen on our video tutorials. Our YouTube makeup videos range to over 100, more than any other asian bridal makeup artist in UK.

The bridal services provided and the courses taught are of an exceptionally high standard, as we constantly keep up with the latest Asian (Indian/Pakistani) makeup and hairstyle trends, as well as the latest makeup products and makeup techniques. This is what sets us apart from most asian bridal makeup artists. We believe recognition as a makeup artist comes from striving for perfection as opposed to self praise.

Asian Makeup Artist - London & Surrounding Areas

Our asian makeup artist services ensure that you will receive the flawless look that all brides are after. Whether your preference is to have a traditional bridal makeup look or a more contemporary one, whether bold, subtle or natural makeup, you will be completely satisfied with Nayyar as your makeup artist. After all, no other asian bridal makeup artist can show you a wider range of makeup looks by way of makeup videos or portfolio pictures. Some examples of bridal hairstyles can be seen below.

We are based in Slough and cater for brides in London and the surrounding areas, as well as travelling nationwide.

We provide an excellent range of asian bridal hair and makeup courses for those of you who wish to pursue a career as a professional hair and makeup artist.

Our step by step teaching and up to date knowledge of asian makeup and hairstyle trends make all our hair and makeup courses suitable for both beginners and experienced makeup artists and hair stylists. We provide you with complete details of all products and tools used during training.

Our makeup courses teach you more styles and greater variation of bridal makeup than any other makeup academy. You will learn different types of subtle and bold makeup, as well as traditional and contemporary asian bridal makeup styles. You will be taught the differences in eye shapes and facial features so that you can achieve great results on all your clients, regardless of their eye shapes, face shapes, etc

Our hair courses teach you the latest in asian bridal hairstyles and easy to follow techniques which turn total beginners into experienced hairstylists. We also teach you the foundations of changing one hairstyle into 3 or 4 different bridal hairstyles.

Nayyar Khan is a proud member of the British Association of Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology (BABTAC) and all the courses provided are accredited by BABTAC. Upon successful completion of the course you will receive an industry recognised accredited certificate which will help you to attain discounts on top makeup brands, and you will be better suited to apply for jobs as a makeup artist.

Indian / Asian Hairstyles

From the array of  indian / asian hairstyles at our disposal, you are sure to get the perfect indian bridal hairstyle for your wedding. Whether  you are looking for indian hairstyles for long hair or short hair, updo hairstyles or braids, or stylish messy hairstyles, you can be confident bride knowing a highly experienced hairstylist is doing your hair.

The hairstyles shown below is just a small selection of all hairstyles available.

Asian Bridal Makeup

Each makeup picture on this website has an accompanying YouTube makeup tutorial showing the before and after effect clearly. You will find from the diverse makeup looks shown that we are able to accommodate your makeup preference for all your wedding functions.

100+ Hair & Makeup Videos, 65,000+ Subscribers, 19 Million+ Views

For the benefit of brides and students we post YouTube videos of various asian bridal makeup looks. These looks range from the subtle to the very bold, from contemporary to the traditional makeup to suit different eye shapes, face shapes, skin tones and complexions. This makes it easy to compare the before and after makeup look.