Russian / Textured Hairstyles

Russian hairstyles or as sometimes known as textured hairstyles below are just a small selection of hairstyles we offer as a bridal hairstylist for weddings and special occasions. Popular Russian hairstyles and advanced hairstyles for women are taught on our 3 day Russian hairstyling course. You can view our collection of Asian Bridal Hairstyles and our students hair & makeup achievement  after finishing our various hair and makeup courses.

These textured hairstyles range from basic hairstyles to advanced hairstyles. It is best to keep in mind that even these basic hairstyles are more complicated to achieve than other basic bridal hairstyles. Likewise the advanced hairstyles are more complicated to achieve than other advanced bridal hairstyles.

As can be from the above hairstyles, we concenrate on delivering popular russian hairstyles consisting of russian hairstyle braids, buns, updo and curls, etc.

Our YouTube videos show makeup and hairstyles as well as bridal looks achieved by our students.