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Researching For the Indian / Asian Bridal Makeup Artist Course

For those looking for the right Indian / Asian Bridal Makeup Artist Course, the task can be daunting, time consuming, and for many an expensive mistake, both financially and mentally. The courses vary considerably in price and length. On the surface there seems to be no easy way to compare a good course from a bad one. There is the additi... More

Desirable Qualities Of A Good Asian Bridal Makeup Artist


traditional Asian Bridal Makeup

Traditional Asian Bridal Makeup

Traditional Asian Bridal Makeup using gold and red eyeshadows remains the most popular choice for most asian brides. Black or dark brown eyeshadow can be used to create a smokey effect. Urban Decay Glitter Eyeliner rather than loose glitter can be used to add extra sparkle. The tone of the gold eyeshadow can be varied to suit your skin tone. ... More

Pile On The Makeup Without Looking Like A Drag Queen

At Asian Bridal Looks we know that all brides want to look flawless on their wedding day hence the need to hire a makeup artist. Asian bridal makeup has always been far bolder and more dramatic than european makeup, but the common factor for brides of all cultures and races is to look flawless and majestic on their wedding day. Wedding ... More

‘Simple’ Bridal Makeup

If you only use makeup occasionally, the prospect of wearing lots of makeup can be daunting. As a makeup artist for Asian Bridal Looks I often receive requests from clients for ‘simple’ makeup looks. Makeup trends are heavily influenced by makeup styles of popular celebrities. In reality most celebrities do not have perfect skin and ... More

Preparing For Your Wedding Makeup

Collect pictures of makeup looks and hairstyles that you like from the internet and bridal magazines which will help your makeup artist know what style of makeup you like. Remember the makeup artist is seeing you for the first time therefore has no idea whether your taste in makeup is dramatic or subtle. You should specify clearly whether ... More

Kylie Jenner Inspired Bronze Makeup Look

Kylie Jenner is known mostly for subtle eye makeup and nude lips, but for this look she went for a more bold look. To create this Kylie Jenner inspired bronze makeup look, the following products were used (If you do not have the Kat Von D Palette, you can use Urban Decay's Naked Palette instead). MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre as ... More

How To Tell Your Skin Type

Before buying makeup, especially foundation, primer, etc. it is really important to know your skin type. This is the only way you will achieve good results. For example if you have dry skin and you use a foundation which does not add hydration to the skin, any fine lines you have will be more visible. Remember, flawless skin makes you look ... More

How To Choose The Right Asian Bridal Makeup Course

In the last decade, asian bridal makeup has grown and continues to grow in popularity. More and more girls are considering either a part time or full time career as makeup artists. If you live in London, the choice of courses available is immense. If you have little or no experience of makeup, it is especially confusing as to which course is ... More

subtle asian bridal makeup

Subtle Taupe Indian / Asian Bridal Makeup

This is a subtle version of glitter eye makeup. It is suitable for various functions for example indian, pakistani or bengali weddings, engagements, or registration functions. It is particularly suited to those who are not used to wearing a lot of colour as only neutral colours have been used. If you prefer, the glitter can be omitted to ... More