A Collection of Hairstyles to suit any Function

All the most requested, and up and coming asian bridal hairstyle pics will be added very soon.

Asian wedding hairstyles change significantly from season to season drawing inspiration sometimes from western wedding hairstyle trends, fashion shows, or popular celebrity hairstyles.

Traditional asian wedding hairstyles used to be plaits however now because of the popularity of heavily embellished wedding outfits with heavy dupattas the most practical hairstyle is the bridal bun which can only be achieved with the use of padding and hair pieces.

You should consult your hairdresser for tips and advice on hair care specific to your hair to maintain healthy looking hair, for example, a common problem encountered by women today is thinning hair. Asian wedding hairstyles are mostly achieved with long thick hair, but do not despair if you do not have luscious flowing locks as the problem can be remedied with the use of hair pieces, padding , and / or hair extensions.

Here are samples of hairstyles suitable for different asian wedding functions. The advice I give to all my brides during the consultation with me is to allow their hair to grow as long as possible (unless it is already long i.e. waist length or longer) during the months leading up to their wedding functions, although it is advisable to trim the hair prior to the wedding to get rid of any split ends.

Most of the hairstyles shown have been achieved with the use of padding, hair pieces, and / or hair extensions.

Please note if you require hair extensions it is advisable to buy good quality human hair extensions which can be styled and re-used. Depending on your personal preference these can be woven in (by your hairdresser) or they can be clip in hair extensions.