ASIAN BRIDAL HAIRSTYLING and MAKEUP COURSE (6/7 DAYS) – Accredited, Certified, & Insurable

(6 Day Asian Bridal Hair and Makeup Course plus optional Photoshoot on 7th Day)

This course is very detailed and comprehensive and will be the only course you will require to be an asian bridal hair and makeup artist. You are also taught advanced techniques for makeup and the latest and most requested bridal hairstyles. The course is suitable for beginners and professionals.

The course is accredited by the Guild of Beauty Therapists, one of the largest trade bodies in the beauty industry. All our accredited courses are insurable and recognised by the beauty industry.

What sets us apart from other asian bridal training academies:
We cover more looks than any other asian bridal training academy – We teach you how to be versatile by teaching you core techniques which will enable you to create more than 50 looks. You can view all makeup looks covered during this course as well as examples of additional makeup looks you will be able to create from the techniques taught in this course. You will also be taught advanced makeup looks such as different types of cut crease makeup, as well as other advanced makeup looks.

We cover more hairstyles than any other asian bridal hairstyling academy. You can view all hairstyles covered during this course as well as examples of additional hairstyles you will be able to create from the techniques taught in this course.

We teach hairstyling for thin hair, thick hair, long hair, medium hair, and short hair.

To maximise learning time students practice on live models as opposed to practicing on each other as with certain academies, which in effect reduces learning time by half.

Our students practice applying makeup on the whole face and not just half of it as taught by some academies, as invariably clients do not have symmetrical faces and as a professional your job is to balance the makeup on both sides of the face to look even and flawless.

During our courses we focus only on perfecting your makeup skills rather than preparing posts for our social media in your learning time as seems to be the norm with most academies.

Our students portfolio work is strictly our students work only, see information regarding Day 7 below for explanation as to why this is important.

Versatility is our strength – Our hair & makeup videos and portfolios demonstrate a larger variety of looks than any other asian bridal training academy. We teach completely different makeup looks as opposed to the same look with different colours.

Basic and advanced techniques for contouring and highlighting as well as corrective contouring techniques taught for different facial features.

You are taught basic and advanced techniques for foundation application for a flawless finish. You will also learn about makeup suitable for different skin tones and skin types i.e. different types of foundation.

We provide full details of all products and tools both high end and cheaper alternatives to suit your budget.

We teach you how to identify different features such as eye shapes, face shapes, skin types, skin tones, etc so that you are able to apply the appropriate makeup to enhance their natural beauty. During trials clients will focus on your makeup skills before deciding to book you and will not be wearing their wedding outfit and jewellery (which can divert attention from the actual quality of makeup skills taught, i.e. blending).

You will be taught eyeshadow looks for different eye shapes.

You are taught the following makeup looks:
1. engagement
2. registry
3. mendhi
4. subtle traditional bridal
5. bold traditional bridal
6. walima/reception
7. smokey eye
8. glitter makeup
9. arabic makeup
10. 3D eyeshadow makeup
11. spotlight makeup
12. cut crease
13. double cut crease
14. soft cut crease
15. monolid eye makeup
16.hooded eye makeup
17. ombre eyeshadows
18. ombre lips
19. photographic makeup

Examples of Makeup Looks Taught

You are taught the following hairstyles:
1.Traditional bun
2. low bun
3. sleek bun
4. side bun
5. messy bun
6. Three strand plait
7. messy plait
8. french plait
9. fishtail braid
10. barrel curls / ringlet curls
11. beachy curls / waves
12. hollywood waves
13. half up half down
14. different fringes including vintage fringe

Examples of Hairstyles Taught

You will also be taught the following:
basic and advanced foundation application techniques
suitable makeup for different skin tones & skin types
creme & powder contouring and highlighting
soft, defined, & corrective contouring and highlighting
identifying different eye shapes & face shapes
suitable eyelashes and application for different eye shapes
how to create fuller lips professionally (not just overdrawing lips)
how to make eyes look bigger
perfecting eye brows
how to change one makeup look to another i.e. daytime look to evening look
skin colour correction theory
identifying different skin undertones
how to customise foundation colours for different skin tones
how to make your own hair padding & its uses
use of different hair pieces
hairstyling for thin hair
taking shortcuts in hairstyling i.e. changing one hairstyle into another
clip in hair extensions
different hairstyling tools & equipment
useful hairstyling products
jewellery & dupatta setting
business & marketing advice

All makeup, hair pieces, false eyelashes and equipment will be provided for students to use during the course. You will be able to use the top branded products during the practice sessions.

A lot of information is covered, therefore students should take suitable notes.

For the first 3 days you will be practising techniques learnt on the course on a model which you can bring, or one can be provided for you for an extra fee of £60 per day.

Refreshments and lunch is provided.

Day 1
Client Consultation – the dos and dont’s, reading between the lines
Health & Safety – Sterilising and cleaning of equipment
Makeup tools and makeup products
Facial Examination / Skin analysis
Different face shapes, skin types, skin tones
Different foundations – colours, application and blending
Contouring and highlighting
Registry makeup look
Subtle traditional bridal look
Bold traditional bridal look
Glitter makeup look
Application of false eyelashes
How to do eye brows
Skin colour correction theory

Day 2
Mehndi makeup look
Smokey eye
Glitter makeup look 2
Photographic makeup
how to change one makeup look to another i.e. daytime look to evening look

Day 3
Mehndi makeup look 2
Traditional bridal look 2
Eye makeup for monolid eyes
Eye makeup for hooded eyes
Arabic makeup
Advanced foundation application for brides
Ombre lips
Identifying different skin undertones
Blending/Customising for dark skin tones based on undertone
Tips on makeup for mature skin
3D eye makeup

makeup course studio

Day 4
Jewellery  & dupatta setting
Use of hair pieces, padding & hair extensions
Traditional bridal bun
Vintage fringe
Three strand plait
Messy Plait
Half up half down
Tools & equipment for hairstyling
Hairstyling products

Day 5
Low bun
Sleek bun
Barrel curls / ringlet curls
Beachy curls / waves
Hollywood waves
Different types of fringes

Day 6
Messy bun
Side bun
Clip in hair extensions
Fishtail braid
French plait
Bridal Updo using braids
Party Updo using braids
Hairstyling for thin hair i.e. creating volume for thin hair
How to change one hairstyle into other hairstyles
Curly Updo
Layered Vintage Fringe
Different styles of low bun i.e. curly, structured, messy
Business advice – do’s and don’ts, avoiding scams

Hair course studio

Optional Day 7 for Photoshoot
You will receive professionally edited images for your portfolio to kick start your new career. The model, photographer, jewellery and outfit are all provided. The tutor is present to provide guidance with the hairstyle and makeup thus reinforcing all that has been learnt on the course. Photoshoots take place on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays following the end of the hair and makeup course.

The Photoshoot is Evidence of the Students Achievement
Our students portfolio work is strictly our students work only
i.e. the student has done all the makeup, all the hairstyle, and all the jewellery and outfit setting by themselves at the end of the course without any physical help from the tutor or anyone from her team. Many other teaching establishments pass off pictures as students work whereas the tutor or helper usually do all the hairstyling, and dupatta and jewellery setting themselves, and the student only does the makeup, and in some instances makeup by the student is done on only half the face, whereas the tutor has done makeup on the other half. The whole point of doing a hair and makeup course should be so that the student can complete total hair and makeup looks by themselves by the end of the course without any further help.

Class Size: All courses are limited to a maximum of 3 students per class. Each student receives plenty of individual attention in all aspects of learning to fully benefit from the course.

Course Location: Slough, conveniently located near Heathrow, Hounslow and Southall, and easily accessible from Junction 5 of M4 and Slough Station.

Course Timings: 10am – 5pm

Course Fee: £1295 for 6 Days without photoshoot
or £1995 for 7 Days with photoshoot

£120 deposit is required for bookings.  The balance can be paid on the course date.

Upon successful completion of the course an accredited certificate is issued (£25 is payable for the certification). Our student pass rate is 99%. Accredited certificates are accepted by major cosmetic brands such as MAC, Bobbi Brown, etc. when applying for their discount scheme.

Yes, I want to be a Master Professional Hair and Makeup Artist !

Master Pro Asian Bridal Hair & Makeup (6 Day Course)



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“I chose the six day bridal hair and makeup course as it seemed to offer more makeup looks and hairstyles than all the other makeup academies I had researched. I have to say the course truly lived up to all it offered. Nayyar is a fantastic teacher that truly cares about her students. She is very patient and gave me all the time I needed as hairstyles were my weak point. The small class size was a great help. If anybody wants to do an asian bridal hair and makeup course, I think this must be one of the best courses out there, and I would highly recommend it”    Sonia  (Hayes, London)
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