How To Choose The Right Asian Bridal Makeup Course

In the last decade, asian bridal makeup has grown and continues to grow in popularity. More and more girls are considering either a part time or full time career as makeup artists. If you live in London, the choice of courses available is immense. If you have little or no experience of makeup, it is especially confusing as to which course is suitable for you. The prices for courses varies but even if you choose one of the cheaper ones, you would want to get good results and value for money. One of the golden rules to remember regarding course prices is that you don’t always get what you pay for. I cannot stress enough how important it is to do your research before making your decision to avoid expensive mistakes.

An expensive course does not necessarily mean it is better than a cheaper one. Makeup artists regularly advertise on T.V. and in asian bridal magazines. The makeup artists ‘featured’ in the magazines have paid thousands of pounds to the magazine for their advertisement (asian bridal magazines do not generally write articles about makeup artists without payment), therefore their prices for all services including courses are likely to be higher. Again the quality of the course is not reflected by the price.

All makeup courses cover the basics but it is whether they cover each topic in depth and whether additional topics are taught, that is important. If you are a complete beginner this is particularly important as gaps in your knowledge will affect your confidence and results achieved. It is always a good idea to discuss your needs and requirements with the course tutor before booking. This will also help you to assess how good or bad the course tutor is at their job i.e. whether they are just after your money or have a genuine interest in teaching their skill and knowledge.

It goes without saying that the makeup artist teaching the course should have at the very least a website. The website should show their portfolio and give information about their experience. There should also be detailed information about the course i.e. price, duration, course content, etc. Scrutinize the course content carefully to ensure it covers all the topics you are interested in, and teaches all the skills you require, especially if you intend to pursue a career as a makeup artist.

As a professional bridal makeup artist you will be expected by your clients, to be able to do different styles of makeup for different functions, for example, bold makeup, light makeup, smokey eye makeup, glitter makeup, etc. Therefore check that the course covers these. The portfolio of the course tutor, or if they have YouTube videos should give you some clues about how versatile their makeup skills are. Some Asian makeup artists are known for a certain makeup style and specialize in teaching only that type of makeup, so before deciding which course to do make sure that you are clear in your mind as to what style of makeup you wish to learn.

For all Asian bridal makeup courses you will be practicing what you learn on models or fellow students. The amount of time allocated for practice may vary. This is something else you should check with the course tutor especially if you are a beginner, as you may need more time than others to perfect what is taught. All our makeup students practice on live models and not on each other, ensuring that they get as much practice as is needed.

Do check whether you will be using branded makeup and tools in your training. This is important for gaining experience and knowledge of different products and brands. Make sure you make lots of notes, you will not remember everything covered. A good training course should teach you about useful products you should include in your makeup kit, and where to buy them. The course should devote some time for advice on how to set up your own business.

Whichever course you choose should be accredited as only then will you be able to get insurance and discounts from major cosmetic companies such as MAC, Bobbi Brown, Inglot, etc.

Most people cannot afford the mistake of choosing a course which does not meet all their needs. All too often I come across students who have been fooled by marketing techniques such as advertisements on social media, bridal magazines, wedding shows, etc, only to be disappointed with the results. The unfortunate consequence of this is that they either become disheartened and change their intention of pursuing a career in makeup or have to spend even more money on further training with a different makeup artist.

Think before you book and make sure you spend time researching what’s best for you!

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