How To Tell Your Skin Type

Before buying makeup, especially foundation, primer, etc. it is really important to know your skin type. This is the only way you will achieve good results. For example if you have dry skin and you use a foundation which does not add hydration to the skin, any fine lines you have will be more visible. Remember, flawless skin makes you look younger.

There are four different skin types- dry, normal, oily, or sensitive. So how can you tell what your skin type is? Here are some pointers to help you.

Dry skin
feels tight after cleansing
less elastic
looks flaky and dull
usually small pores
shows signs of waging such as fine lines
may look crepey, especially around the eye area

Normal skin
neither too dry or too oily
feels soft and smooth
even texture and tone
does not have sensitivity to cosmetics
medium to small pores

Oily skin
looks shiny and feels greasy sometimes even after washing
very elastic
less prone to wrinkles
has visible open pores
can break out often
prone to blackheads

Sensitive skin
burns easily in the sun
feels itchy and looks flaky or red
reacts to products in cosmetics and skin care
thin and delicate
flushes easily

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