‘Simple’ Bridal Makeup

If you only use makeup occasionally, the prospect of wearing lots of makeup can be daunting. As a makeup artist for Asian Bridal Looks I often receive requests from clients for ‘simple’ makeup looks.

Makeup trends are heavily influenced by makeup styles of popular celebrities. In reality most celebrities do not have perfect skin and rely on good makeup application techniques by professional makeup artists to make them look flawless.

To achieve a simple or natural makeup look requires just as much time and products as bold makeup looks. For simple makeup looks, lighter or neutral colours are used whereas bold makeup requires stronger colours for eyeshadow, blusher and lipstick.

It is unusual to have even skin tone, which means that for most people a few different shades of foundation are required on different areas of the face to achieve a flawless look. To ensure that the makeup lasts, setting spray as well as setting powder needs to be used. Additional powder is necessary to create a photoshopped finish. Contouring to give dimension to the face is still necessary with simple makeup, but takes more time and effort to blend to achieve a subtle effect. For eyes several neutral eyeshadow colours are blended in layers to create dimension.

For a natural looking nude lip, quite often different lipsticks need to be layered to suit the clients skin tone, as using just one colour or the wrong shade could make you look washed out. Blusher is a must, to give a healthy flushed look, again different shades may be needed combined with a lot of blending to give a natural glow.

Hopefully by now, you get the idea that there is nothing simple about a ‘simple’ makeup.

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