Pile On The Makeup Without Looking Like A Drag Queen

At Asian Bridal Looks we know that all brides want to look flawless on their wedding day hence the need to hire a makeup artist.

Asian bridal makeup has always been far bolder and more dramatic than european makeup, but the common factor for brides of all cultures and races is to look flawless and majestic on their wedding day. Wedding functions last for many hours therefore you will need products specifically designed to preserve your makeup, this is also important for photography and videography.

If you are not a regular makeup user, the idea of layers of makeup can be annoying but necessary to satisfy the wishes of parents and relatives. The makeup artist you hire should listen to your requirements and advise or suggest all the options to achieve the best results. If you want to look better than you have ever looked before, you will have to bite the bullet and pile on the makeup. Providing your makeup artist has listened to you, you should not end up looking like a drag queen.

When first applied, makeup will sit on the surface of your skin and possibly look cakey. Therefore, once you have all the makeup on, you should allow at least an hour for it to settle and become fully absorbed into your skin. Here is a breakdown of the essential products needed:-
1. A moisturiser is required in all cases, the type of moisturiser is determined by your skin type i.e. dry, oily, etc.
2. Primer comes next, This is an undercoat for foundation helping to create a smooth base and helps foundation to last longer.
3. Foundation and powder are the bases of flawless looking skin, and to look beautiful you need to look flawless.
4. Your face is now a blank canvass requiring depth and dimension. This is achieved using creme contour and highlighting products which are also useful for refining your features, such as nose shape, cheekbones, etc.
5. Concealer and/or corrector is always required for brides to cover darkness under the eyes, as most brides do not get much sleep during the weeks leading up to the big day.
6. Translucent, loose, or pressed powder is now used to set the foundation and concealer. This step is particularly important if you have oily skin, as the powder will absorb excess shine and oil.
7. Next comes powder contour and highlighter, to further define and sculpt the face. Although depending on your preference you can skip this step.
8. Blusher adds colour to the face, adding glow to your cheeks, and making you look more youthful.
9. Bronzer comes next. Again adding depth, dimension and a youthful glow.
10. The final highlighter is used is achieve a dewy glow to the high points of the face, such as cheekbones and bridge of the nose.
11. Additional products are used on the eyebrows to give definition and shape.
12. Eye Makeup is also layered to give a long lasting seamless finish.
13. As a double insurance, setting spray is used to keep your makeup in place.

It might seem from the above breakdown that asian bridal makeup is thick, heavy, and uncomfortable, but in fact it depends on the quality of the makeup used. With all these layers on your face, your makeup is guaranteed to last without touch ups. If your makeup artist suggests you may need touch ups, it could either be the brand of makeup they use or their makeup application technique which is at fault.

The video below shows me using many products to achieve a flawless look, and there is no drag queen in sight!

At Asian Bridal Looks we help you to discover a more self confident and beautiful you.

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