Preparing For Your Wedding Makeup

Collect pictures of makeup looks and hairstyles that you like from the internet and bridal magazines which will help your makeup artist know what style of makeup you like. Remember the makeup artist is seeing you for the first time therefore has no idea whether your taste in makeup is dramatic or subtle.

You should specify clearly whether the eyeshadow look you want to go for is one where bold colours are blended together or neutral tones are used to create more of a natural look. Even if you require subtle or natural looking makeup, the same number of products will be needed to create the look i.e. 3 or 4 different eyeshadows may still need to create that look.

Bear in mind that images of models and famous people on the internet or in magazines are not real and have been photoshopped, even their physical features i.e. eyes, nose or face shape may have been altered. The makeup artists job is to enhance your natural beauty but cannot alter your physical features to look the same as those images (otherwise everyone would have the potential to be a super model). If you like a certain eyeshadow look, make sure you have the right eye shape for that look, otherwise it will not be possible to replicate no matter how skilled the makeup artist is.

The pictures of eyeshadow styles you like should show the model either looking down or have her eyes closed so that the whole of the eyelid and brow bone is visible and it is clear to see how the eyeshadows have been placed and blended otherwise all you will see is a beautiful model with eyeliner and false eye lashes whom you want to look like!

Be realistic with hairstyles too, if you have short hair you may need to get hair extensions put in by your hairdresser. Unless stated specifically a makeup artist and hairstylist is not able to provide the same service as a hairdresser in a salon, partly because of the time constraints and partly because of the function of the hair stylist is to work with the hair you have, to create updos or styles which require curls.

Before your makeup artist arrives you should have your face washed and if possible moisturised. Do not use moisturiser or any other products on the eyelids as these will make them oily and make the eyeshadow crease.

A day or two before the function you should have a facial to prep the skin. You should also make sure that you have had your eye brows shaped or neatened as they frame the face and will make a difference to the overall look.

Before applying makeup your hair should be washed , dried and combed. You should be wearing the top from the outfit you will be using as this may not be easy to put on once your hair and makeup have been done.

It is best not to go more than one tone lighter with foundation than your natural skin tone if you feel you need to look fairer than usual as it will look unnatural and ghostly. Instead it is better to aim at getting a flawless look for your natural skin colouring although this may require the use of more than one foundation and concealer.

The only way to get good long lasting results with makeup is to use good products. Do your own research on the products the makeup artist will be using on you so that you can be sure you are getting the best. A makeup artist who is charging a very low price is unlikely to be using good quality makeup or will have the range of products needed to deliver good results.

Whilst you are having your trial and indeed on the actual day, turn your mobile phone off so that everything can be done quickly and efficiently. Many brides have a tendency to make and receive phone calls and texts or may even keep walking off to attend to other matters whilst having their makeup done. Delegate important tasks beforehand to other members of the family or friends so that there are no interruptions.

Finally relax and enjoy the most important event in your life.

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